Enjoy reading time with your kids

Creating a Magical Reading Time with Your Kids

May 18, 2023 6:00 pm

Creating a magical reading time with your kids can be a joyful and rewarding experience, and here at Factory Sachi, we’ve got some delightful tips to make storytime an enchanting adventure. 📚✨

Create a cozy reading nook

1. Creating a Cozy Reading Nook

This is the first step in setting the stage for creating a magical reading time. This can be any comfortable space in your house that is quiet, well-lit, and inviting, designed to make reading a relaxed and enjoyable activity.

Make reading interactive

2. Making Reading Interactive

This is our next tip. Encourage your child to participate in the reading process. This can be achieved by asking them questions, letting them make predictions, or even taking turns in reading aloud.

Use voices and sound effects

3. Using Voices & Sound Effects

This is a wonderful way of bringing the story to life. Try creating different voices for different characters and adding sound effects where possible. This method can truly help in creating a magical reading time.

Personalize the story

4.Personalizing the Story

This adds an extra touch of magic to the reading time. You can achieve this by relating the story to your child’s life or even substituting the characters’ names with those of your child and family members.

Follow your child's interests

5. Following Your Child’s Interests

This ensures that your child remains engaged and excited about reading. Choose books that align with their interests and curiosity.

Summary: Creating a Magical Reading Time

Explore our collection of books tailored for kids at Factory Sachi, and find stories that align with your child’s interests.

Creating a magical reading time is a fantastic way to bond with your child, and it also lays the foundation for a lifelong love for books. Enjoy the magic of reading together! 📖💕

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