Artwork Ideas for Families

Unleashing Creativity at Home

March 23, 2018 11:43 am

Artwork Ideas for Families

Often, parents hear the familiar chant from their little ones: “Mamaaaa, I’m so bored… Mommmm, let’s do something, can you play with me??” As a parent, it can sometimes be challenging to keep up with your child’s insatiable curiosity and constant desire to discover new things. If you find yourself in such a situation, fear not! Here we present some exciting and creative artwork ideas for families, especially if your kids are interested in arts and crafts.

Our first suggestion is an artistic collaboration we like to call “You Draw Lines, I Colour In“. This activity involves each family member taking on a role in the creation of a single piece of artwork. One person draws the lines or creates the outlines, and the other fills in with colors. This activity is not only a great way to learn and share but also promotes collaboration and communication skills. It’s a wonderful blend of creative minds and patient drawing techniques. To add a bit of fun, you can always shake things up by switching roles!

Artwork Ideas for Families: Finished artwork

In addition to this artwork idea, we have a few other suggestions that might pique your family’s creative interest:

  • Shoot a Lego Time-Lapse Video: Engage your kids in a Lego building project, recording the process in a time-lapse video. This project is a fantastic way to blend creativity with technology, and the final product can be shared with friends and family online.

  • Recreate Creative Short Videos: Find creative short videos online that inspire you and your kids, and have fun recreating them at home. This could involve acting, costume design, and even basic video editing.

  • Build Train Tracks in Your Backyard: If you have an outdoor space, consider building train tracks in your backyard. This activity not only entertains your kids but also teaches them about design and engineering concepts.

Artwork Ideas for Families: Train track building

Art and creative projects are a fantastic way to engage your child’s imagination while spending quality time together as a family. Don’t forget to browse through our collection of creative children’s books at Factory Sachi that can further inspire your little artists.

Have fun exploring these artwork ideas with your special little ones!

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